Shao Nian Li Bai


The mysterious flower deceived the palace and disturbed the Holy Spirit, leading to a story of a young boy Li Bai fighting the sword. Li Bai, a handsome and handsome young man, is talented but unhappy, but he can only mingle in the restaurant. By chance, Li Bai was ordered to track down the Hua Yao case, and went to Chang’an with the sommelier next to the queen to search for the trace of Hua Yao. With the deepening of the investigation, Li Bai repeatedly used his reasoning ability to find clues from the predicament, and turned the danger with extraordinary sword skills. People around him such as Zhuang Dansheng, the magical dancer Hu Ji, and other river and lake figures were all involved in the Flower Demon incident. Li Bai must not only break through the mystery of the flower demon cloth, but also eliminate the obstruction of the nobles and the interference of assassins, but also fight his own alcohol addiction. The ancient and eccentric Yueli makes Li Bai’s heart beat, but Li Bai investigates the case with all his heart. Gu, dilemma!

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1h 30m 2020 80 views

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  • Original title: 少年李白:花月离
  • Release date: 13-02-2020
  • Genre: Action
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